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Get the Lead in, Lyman .40 bullet mold

Your carry pistol should be an extension of yourself.  About the only way I know to gain proficiency with your sidearm is practice. Truthfully, practice is not really enough but perfect practice is really what you should go for. With all that perfect practice comes the expense of ammunition, the greatest cost in regular training […]

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Quick rundown of the Benchmade Barrage

  Benchmade is a very innovative company. A quick search on their website will yield everything from collector to tactical knives. They seem to cover all the bases. Fixed blade, folder, assisted opening and auto. Why carry a knife? Everyone has heard the old wisdom… Never bring a knife to a gunfight. Obviously we all […]

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Budget Firearm Light

I am all about “you get what you pay for” and realize that statement is almost always true. When deciding on equipment that you may have to use in defense of yourself that is not the time for bargain shopping. I have been on the fence for some time about adding a light to my […]

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