Don’t be a soft target

Don’t be a soft target

don't be a soft target

Unfortunately the world has plenty of evil people and I am sad to say, I doubt that is going to change. What I am getting at is, evil people target people to harm or kill them for whatever reason their twisted mind can concoct.  Another sad fact is these evil people look for the soft targets where they expect little to no resistance to their plan. Since there is little we can do to stop people doing evil, we must prepare. In America we are fortunate enough to have such rights where we can prepare and defend ourselves from people intent on doing us harm.

In my opinion, the best place to start is to take a basic firearm class, get a good understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship, get your concealed carry permit, continue to train and learn your defensive firearm. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the law and abide by it. Continue to practice and train and get involved with some of your local firearm matches. Using a firearm competently is a fine motor skill that must be honed and kept up with. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

It is not about trying to be Rambo or some bad ass with a gun, but it is about being a responsible, law abiding citizen prepared to defend yourself and family if you ever needed to. Taking another’s life is nothing anyone should want to do and I know I pray it is something I never need to, but I could justify it in order to save myself or my family. It is really about picking the least worse option of a bad situation. If someone makes the conscious decision to bring harm to someone, in my mind they are willing to accept what ever consequences that are laid upon them.

Take care of yourself and your family.

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  1. Rich D'Auria November 17, 2015 at 7:19 am #

    Good advice! The softest of targets are “Gun Free Zones” which terrorists and madmen have taken full advantage of as “Free To Kill Zones!” .

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