Remington Arms laying off 120 in NY and 16 in KY

Remington Arms Company laid off some 120 employees of their almost 1000 at the Ilion, N.Y  plant, and sixteen in their Lexington Kentucky plant. James Marcotuli, CEO, says slowing orders and being flush with inventory for the layoffs.


Remington announced in February 2014 that it would construct a plant in Huntsville Alabama that would employ some 2,000 due to the New York’s Safe Act banning the sale, of firearms that utilize magazines that hold over ten rounds.

Firearm manufactures have enjoyed a huge increase in demand due to, unfortunately, Americans being afraid of politicians trying to trample on our Second Amendment rights. Now  we have a president that has promised to keep our rights secure, much of the “panic” buying has waned. Since people have stopped the panic buying ammunition is showing up on the shelves and inventory has been increasing. Many firearm distributors over bought anticipating a different outcome in the election and they are trying to unload much of the surplus. This is a classic example of the double edged sword, our rights are much better secured and that has caused people to slow down on buying. If you want my advice, buy an American firearm and some ammunition and celebrate our victory.

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  1. Bob Jones March 11, 2017 at 1:11 am #

    That’s really too bad, but expected. I had an aunt and uncle who worked at the Ilion plant all there life, both passing away in the 60s.

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