Retail Firearms and Class 3

Retail of firearms and Class 3 devices.

If you see a firearm reviewed here or something else you are interested in please send me an email by using this link and I can get you a price. I hold a type 1 FFL as well as Class 3.

I do not keep an inventory which keeps my overhead to a minimum, but deal with manufactures as well as several distributors and search for the best prices and availability.

All firearms will be transferred to your FFL upon payment. All local, state, and Federal laws apply as well as ATF laws for Class 3. Be sure it is something you can own in your state before you contact me as it is your responsibility to know all of the local firearm laws.

If you are unsure of your laws you can contact the local ATF branch in your area or the ATF directly via this link and they can assist you from there. If you are interested in Class 3 devices be sure you understand the procedure and if you have any questions please email me or contact the ATF, NFA branch via this link