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Kel-Tec flashlights, a good fit.

Kel-Tec flashlights, a good fit. The 2015 NRA Show in Nashville Tennessee is where I was tasked with testing a couple of new flashlights from Kel-Tec. I have a CL-42 and CL-43 that have been pressed into daily service for about three months now. The Kel-Tec CL-42 is a lightweight, single-mode output, modular LED flashlight. […]

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An afternoon with Chris Tilley

An afternoon with Chris Tilley Perfect Practice makes perfect, and to source that prefect practice you need training. Now there are a plethora of firearms instructors and many are well qualified, and some…well not so much.  There are all levels of training from basic to very advanced, You should always train to or above your […]

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1911 Controlled Feed

1911 Controlled Feed We all know that the 1911 pistol operates on the controlled feed principle…but how many understand exactly what that means…and exactly what is involved? Think of it like a bucket brigade used back in the day before pumper trucks were available for putting out fires. Each bucket of water was handed off […]

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