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WRAL, your liberal agenda is showing.

WRAL, your liberal agenda is showing. Here was the headline they were running in heavy rotation via television and social media. “WRAL Investigates, Owning high powered weapons possible without normal ATF oversights. Cullen Browder, pictured above. WRAL announced several days ago a three month investigation on how to legally obtain NFA regulated items without any […]

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S&W 500ES, too much gun?

S&W 500ES, too much gun? Many firearms can and do serve multiple purposes, such as the carry pistol you can shoot in your local matches. To me that is a good way to get more bang for your buck, pun intended, in buying a single handgun. Then there are firearms that serve a single purpose, […]

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Don’t be a soft target

Don’t be a soft target Unfortunately the world has plenty of evil people and I am sad to say, I doubt that is going to change. What I am getting at is, evil people target people to harm or kill them for whatever reason their twisted mind can concoct.  Another sad fact is these evil people […]

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Leupold VX6 review

Leupold VX6 review A short time ago Leupold asked if I would be interested in using the VX6 and providing feedback on the scope to which I replied yes. Many know that I have been using the Leupold Prismatic for quite a while shooting in limited division (no magnification) and questioned if I could use […]

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1911 Magazine Design

Just recently, a flurry of sudden interest has emerged due to my sending a test magazine to a member in hopes of addressing his recurrent 3-Point Jam/Failure to go to battery headaches. It’s a specific type of magazine, that…although is only a slight modification of hundred year-old technology…is largely unnoticed by the large percentage of […]

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IMR 4007SSC propellant recall

IMR Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR 4007SSC on the six lot numbers listed. IMR has gotten reports that this propellant in one and eight pound jugs may have become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration. Use of this product from these lot numbers shown on the enclosed label may result in […]

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