Apex Tactical Specialties CZ P10c Magazine Release

Apex Tactical Specialties, more often known just simply as Apex, has been on a roll lately. Always known for their S&W trigger systems, they have recently released FN 509 triggers which served an underserved market. At nearly the same time they served another underserved pistol, the CZ P10c.

I’ve had a CZ P10c for a little bit now, even building a full custom one for an article I wrote for Athlon Outdoors. I love just about everything on the P10c, except the mag release has always been an issue.

From the factory the mag button is stiff to push, and has an odd behavior in that if you push too hard it can relock the mag in the grip. When I did the article for Athlon I replaced the mag catch with an extended one from CZ Custom. The longer length made it easier to get leverage on it but didn’t fix it all the way. You can see where they tried to polish the V notch where the release lever operates. It was better than the factory part, but not a home run.

My prayers were answered on October 16th, when I received an email from Scott, Apex’s COO, saying he’d give me one of their new mag catches for testing. Would my CZ finally feel complete?

The Apex mag catch goes a different route from the factory part, by being unidirectional instead of truly ambidextrous. Some may scoff but I believe this is the decision that led to the problem being fixed.

CZ P10c Mag Catches

Top: CZ Custom
Middle : CZ factory
Bottom: Apex

They are offering the part in four configurations, based on length and handedness. You can get it in a shorter ‘tactical’ length, or a longer ‘competition’ length. You can get either length in left or right hand configurations. For my purposes, I chose a right handed tactical model. A couple days after that fateful email I was installing my mag catch.

CZ P10c Mag Catches (Reverse)

Top: CZ Custom
Middle: CZ Factory
Bottom: Apex

I’m most versed in Glock products (working for Lone Wolf for 8+ years will do that for you), so initially the thought of tearing down the CZ for installation of products was daunting. A quick view of Apex’s installation video reassured me how easy it was. I had already forgotten how simple the swap was from the first time I did it with the CZ Custom version. I quickly swapped the part around and slammed a mag home. It was love at first press! The effort required to release the magazine felt normal again. Every press reliably dropped the mag allowing it to drop free. I know you shouldn’t get so excited over a magazine release but it’s the simple things in life that matter!

CZ P10c Apex Mag Catch

Competition right handed model length.

I was so anxious to give it a try that I installed everything without photographing it. I ended up having to remove it again to get the photos for this post.

Apex Mag Catch Close

Close up of Apex CZ P10c mag catch

You can get your own release from Apex directly here.

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