Discount on 9mm Luger Defender Ammunition.


As you all know I have been using Defender Ammunition for a couple of years now and have written a story on their facility and ammunition. You can read that story by following this link.   If you are interested in stocking up on some quality 9mm Luger Ammunition, now is your chance to save some money. Take a look at the 1000 round target/practice box by following this link  When you check out on Defender’s site with your choice enter the promo code RANGEHOT and save $25 off the cost of the 1000 round pack. That promo runs through 12/31/16. They have 115gr at $226.74, 124gr at $231.56, and 147gr at $250.87, with the 147gr being subsonic.

Remember to enter the promo RANGEHOT when you check out to save the $25


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