Government Stock of WWII m1911s to be sold off to the public


Government Stock of WWII m1911s to be sold off to the public through the Civilian Marksmanship Program or CMP.  due to an amendment added by Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Alabama, to National Defense Authorization Act.

Rep. Mike Rogers ,“As a gun owner and strong believer in the Second Amendment, my proposal is a common-sense approach to eliminating an unnecessary cost to the Federal government while allowing the very capable CMP to handle the sale of these vintage firearms that otherwise would just sit in storage,”

Rogers said the military spends about two dollars per year to store 100,000 Model 1911s that are surplus. 8,300 have been sold or disposed through Department of Defense’s 1033 Program, where eligible law enforcement agencies can purchase one pistol per officer

The amendment will allow the CMP, currently selling .30 caliber and .22 caliber rifles, to receive and sell the surplus M1911s held by the US Army, however M1911s from other branches and the Federal Government are not included.

The CMP is a Federal program that promotes firearm training and safety. Congress formed the Civilian Marksmanship Program in 1903 to aid in training civilians in case of wartime, cutting training time down for new recruits. The Clinton-administration removed the CMP from the Army’s control in 1996, but they continue to train and sponsor firearm competitions. The CMP derives the bulk of it’s budget through the sell of surplus.

The National Defense Authorization Act, in which this amendment is included,  should make it to the House sometime this upcoming May.

Update as of today,

Obama is opposing the amendment to sell current surplus 1911s and so it appears to disappeared from the senate version of the bill. Rogers, the originator of the amendment will still be involved in the final version  but Obama has threatened to veto it either way.  So, this may still happen but it will take some time. This appears to me as some back door gun control from the outgoing anti gun president but time will tell what really goes down.

Latest Update

From the NRA press release:

Rounding out the list of pro-gun provisions is section 1087, which restores authorization to the Secretary of Defense to transfer to the Civilian Marksmanship Program surplus M1911 and M1911A1 .45 ACP pistols for sale to the public. The component of the CMP that dispenses the pistols would be required to obtain a federal firearms license and abide by all requirements of the Gun Control Act pertaining to licensed sales and transfers. Currently, the military has some 100,000 such pistols that it no longer needs and that are being stored as taxpayer expense. These historically-significant firearms can now be transferred to law-abiding owners at a net gain to the government’s heavily-indebted balance sheet.


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