Hi-Point and Inland stand up to Dicks Sporting Goods.

Directly from MKS Supply 

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DAYTON, OH, (05/10/18) – MKS Supply, LLC, exclusive marketer for American-made Hi-Point
Firearms and Inland Manufacturing, values the customers that it proudly serves and the Godgiven
freedoms that they enjoy. Because the right to keep and bear arms was recognized by
our founding fathers to be a fundamental right, they ensured its protection under the Second
Amendment. Just as we show our commitment to our customers by standing behind our
products, we believe it is equally important to show our commitment to our customers by
standing behind their Second Amendment rights.

In recent months, Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, have shown
themselves, in our opinion, to be no friend of Americans’ Second Amendment. We believe that
refusing to sell long guns to adults under age 21, while many young adults in our military are
not similarly restricted, is wrong. We believe that villainizing modern sporting rifles in response
to pressure from uninformed, anti-gun voices is wrong. We believe that hiring lobbyists to
oppose American citizens’ freedoms secured by the Second Amendment is wrong. Dick’s
Sporting Goods and Field & Stream, in purportedly doing all of these things, have
demonstrated that they do not share our values.

MKS Supply, Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing are standing by the American people
by refusing any further sales to Dick’s Sporting Goods & Field & Stream. We are proud of our
products, we are proud of our customers, and we are especially proud of the freedoms
secured by our great U.S. Constitution. We are committed to all three.

Charles Brown
President, MKS Supply, LLC

Friends and Neighbors, if this doesn’t make you want to go out and patronize these companies, I don’t know what will. I for one and very proud of MKS Supply, Hi-Point, and Inland Manufacturing for this move supporting law abiding American citizens and our freedoms. I have been working with these companies for many years and they have always been straight up and supporting to our sport. This just proves they are putting our principals and freedoms ahead of their bottom line. This is something not seen very often in the corporate world, I have always looked at us as gun enthusiasts as more of an extended family and not suit and tie corporate America.

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  1. TNTRAILERTRASH May 9, 2018 at 10:04 am #

    Adios El-Dick-O’s!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the info Hunter

  2. Gary Matheney May 9, 2018 at 11:03 pm #

    Thank you Hi Point You did Right

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