New Barnes Precision Machine rifle, MSRP $750


Barnes Precision Machine   has introduced a new rifle, the Basic Patrolman’s Rifle, with the MSRP of $750.

BPM has a solid reputation for building quality rifles, though at a price point that’s out of reach for some and with options some may not want to pay for. To address this, BPM has stripped off some features that do not impact reliability or accuracy to get that price point lower.

This rifle ships in a cardboard box, sans magazine, sights, rail panels, and Magpul furniture. Features include a 1:7 twist Chrome Moly barrel, nickel boron bolt carrier group, and commercial fire control group. This rifle comes ready for sights, or optics, and magazine of choice, and is a solid base you can personalize as you see fit and budget allows.

At this stage of the game, more and more people are buying quality base rifles and making changes they deem necessary for their personal use. BPM is now offering that base rifle of the same quality but with some changes to save on the MSRP. If you decide changes are in order, they can be done when and if needed. With the money saved on the rifle there is room to add what you like and leave off what you don’t need as you get around to it.

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