Fort Mill Munitions 9mm Luger ammunition test

Fort Mill Munitions 9mm Luger ammunition test In this day and age when ammunition prices are through the roof there are options to help shore up your ammunition budget. One such option is shooting re-manufactured ammunition that is cheaper than brand new and just as safe and reliable if it is done right. The good […]

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The CZ 75B, a comfortable double stack. This is madness.

There is an arguable advantage to carrying a pistol that feeds from a double stack single feed magazine, but there can also be a bit of a disadvantage.  The advantage is having increased magazine capacity but sacrificing grip comfort, due to the enlarged grip to accommodate the larger magazine. Right now some folks are saying […]

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2nd Admendment Friendly smartphone application

As responsible gun owners obeying the law is paramount. Sometimes that can be confusing especially when carrying a firearm into local businesses that may or may not allow legal carry.  For businesses that deem it appropriate to violate our freedoms and post no firearms signs, the law reads the signage must be conspicuous but there […]

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The Colt Delta Elite. You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.

For those looking for the review on the Colt Delta Gen II you can find it by following this link. The Gen II has replaced this Delta Elite in the Colt line up. There are things that are awesome, just by themselves… such as chocolate, peanut butter, the 10mm Auto, and a Colt Government Model. Do […]

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