SHOT Show 2018


Cut aways of the new CZ silencers

New Dan Wesson Wraith as compared to the Discretion.





Canik/Century Arms



Colt Custom Shop match pistol                       Colt Night Cobra



SIG Sauer

Kahr Arms

Inland Custom 1911

Hi-Point 10mm Carbine


Inland Manufacturing


Tactical Assault Gear

Just Right Carbines 9mm pistols

New offerings from OSS Suppressors


Red Stitch Targets

Thompson Machine Silencers

SIG Sauer Air Guns

Stag Arms

Lone Wolf .45 Auto/9mm carbines/pistols



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One Response to SHOT Show 2018

  1. Doug February 1, 2018 at 4:38 pm #

    Rangehot – Thank you for posting and you did a great job highlighting a lot of the new handguns for SHOT 2018. One company I am going to focus on from your report is Colt. Like countless others, I am very shocked to flat out disappointed in both the quantity and types of new handguns from the legendary pony. Loosely speaking, there is 0 new models and 2 minor updates to last years guns coming in form of the Night Cobra and Custom Competition 1911.

    The prices of these new updates are very, very steep with MSRP of $899 (a 200 dollar increase!) for the snubby and $2,499 for the 1911. Obviously, 2017 was not a record year for the gun sales industry, but this kind of effort by Colt is embarrassing. How does Colt ever expect to increase sales and gain market share with only 2 updates to previous releases??? It will never happen.

    Colt has to become more aggressive and a lot more innovative. Colt has ran the Cobra and Competition gun to death the past two years and they need to move on to more new models. There are a ton of rumors Colt is nearly bankrupt again and the sad showing at SHOT will only add fuel to that fire. Where are any new Snake guns?!? Diamondback, Python, Anaconda?!?

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