Springfield Armory introduces the XD(M) in 10mm Auto

GENESEO, ILL. (10/10/18) – Springfield Armory is pleased to announce a highly anticipated new addition to their polymer pistol lineup, the XD(M) 10mm. This full-size pistol is the latest variation in the series, now chambered in the popular 10mm round for more power in the highly accurate and reliable XD(M) platform.

An unprecedented torture test of 10,000 rounds was performed to prove the quality and reliability of this new addition to the XD(M) line, firing 10,000 rounds of Federal Premium® Hydra-Shok® 10mm ammunition through the gun with EVERY round documented on video. No work was done to the pistol, outside of a recoil spring change and adding Lucas® Extreme Duty Gun Oil at 2,000 round intervals. The magazines were left uncleaned and exposed to wind, dust, and grit. The XD(M) 10mm performed flawlessly under these conditions and powered through all 10,000 rounds without a single failure. The XD(M) 10mm has been meticulously engineered to ensure the pistol is as robust and reliable a defensive force as possible.

Available with a 4.5” or 5.25” barrel, the length is well-balanced when combined with the full-size grip frame for maximum controllability and comfort while shooting.  Mega-Lock grip texturing, with the option of three interchangeable backstraps, allows for a customized fit that provides a secure and natural feel in the palm of your hand.

The Melonite® finished hammer-forged barrel and forged slide allow for a steady diet of full-power 10mm ammo, and the full-length guide rod lessens felt recoil. Holding 15+1 rounds, the XD(M) 10mm tames this potent cartridge for a comfortable shooting experience with each pull of the trigger.

The 4.5 inch model features a low-profile combat rear sight paired with a fiber optic front sight, while the 5.25 version has a fully adjustable target rear sight with fiber optic front. The short-reset trigger has a minimal trigger break for repeated rounds on-target, and facilitates accuracy even under potentially life-threatening personal defense situations.

“Our customers have been very vocal about their excitement at the prospect of an XD(M) chambered in 10mm,” explains Springfield Armory President Steve McKelvain.  “We are thrilled to now offer them exactly what many of them have been asking for: the power and velocity of the 10mm round delivered in the reliability of the XD(M) platform, proven through a 10,000 round torture test documented on video.”

Now available in two configurations:

XDM94510BHCE         XD(M) 10MM 4.5”                                                                              $652.00

XDM952510BHCE       XD(M) 10MM 5.25”                                                                            $779.00

XD(M) 10mm Features:


XD(M) 10mm product video link:


XD(M) 10K round torture test video link:


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2 Responses to Springfield Armory introduces the XD(M) in 10mm Auto

  1. Bob Bonenfant October 10, 2018 at 11:16 pm #

    This would be a great pistol for Bear protection up here. I know one of our IDOPA shooters and a Cd, Ranger carries another brand in 10MM when the Rangers are doing their exercises in the bush. Their .303 Lee Enfields would do the trick on a Griz or Black Bear but the long guns are not always at hand. Another great review grasshopper your doing your mom ma proud. The Springfield is a great platform for the round.

    Take Care


  2. david kiwacka October 11, 2018 at 8:48 am #

    So should we expect a review on one of these new 10mm pistols?
    The Springfield XD was my first striker fired pistol and it has been great. I know some people straight up don’t like them due to politics but even before that I never understood the hate. Is it the back strap safety? Never gave me an issue. My only real complaint is the trigger and the lack of after market support. That being said I can still run just as well as a Glock or P99.

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