Springfield XDm 10mm Auto, polymer powerhouse.

Springfield has introduced two versions of the XDm in 10mm Auto, a 5 1/4″ target model and the 4 1/2″ model as reviewed here. I got this pistol a few months ago and have put just over 400 rounds downrange of various types of ammunition, from mild 180gr ball to several different defensive rounds with no issues. The hotter 10mm is a bit snappy, as expected in a lighter polymer pistol.

First Impressions  

A duty sized pistol that would easily fill several roles.

The ambidextrous magazine release worked by pushing it either way and the mag would drop free without problem. The trigger incorporates the traditional pivot safety and broke at 5 1/2 pounds with right much take up and some overtravel.


Notice the other side of the ambidextrous magazine release, the takedown lever just above the trigger and slide stop above the magazine release. This pistol also incorporates a grip safety for an added layer of security.

Springfield sends 3 interchangeable textured back straps for a bit of customization to the grip size. The grip area and front strap are also well textured to keep hold of the pistol under recoil.

The fiber optic front sight picks up even the faintest light causing it to glow red.


The 2 dot rear sight is drift adjustable and is serrated to cut down on glare. A cocking indicator is standard. In the first photo the pistol is not cocked and in the second it is a visual and tangible indicator.


Loaded chamber indicator, the first photo the chamber is empty while the second photo the chamber is hot,  a visual and tangible indicator.

The magazine well is slightly beveled aiding in smooth magazine changes. The steel magazine capacity is 15 rounds.

The pistol field strips easy, by locking the slide to the rear, rotating the takedown lever up the slide slides forward off the receiver.

Range Time 

3 shots at 25 yards from a rest


I am glad to see the 10mm Auto coming back into popularity and thankful to see Springfield introducing the XDm line in 10 Mike Mike. While it may be a bit large for summer carry it can be done with the right holster and over shirt. With that said it would be a great sidearm for the hiker, hunter, or camper for defense against all kinds of predators, or even handgun hunting. With the integrated accessory rail, you have the ability to add any options you choose to fine-tune the gun for your specific needs. After a touch over 400 rounds of an ample cross-section of commercially available ammunition without issue, I am satisfied the new XDm in 10mm is a solid addition of the Springfield line. With little better ergonomics than a few other polymer 10mm pistols I have sampled, it is worth more than a passing glance. Consider you have visual and tactile indicators not only for the chamber being hot or not and if the pistol is cocked or not you can easily verify and correct it’s status if need be without turning on the lights.


Caliber: 10mm
Magazines: (2) 15-Round Magazines
Barrel: 4.5″ Steel, Melonite® Finish; Hammer Forged, 1:16 RH Twist
Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Low Profile Combat Rear,  Steel
Receiver: Black Polymer with Changeable Backstraps
Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish
Recoil System: One Piece Full Length Guide Rod
Length: 7.7″
Height: 5.75″
Width: 1.2″
Weight: 31.2 oz
MSRP: $652


Springfield Armory 

DoubleTap Ammunition 

Defender Ammunition 

Sig Sauer Ammunition 

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  1. Bob Bonenfant December 27, 2018 at 8:51 pm #

    A very thorough review Hunter. I sent a link to your review to a a Grizzly Bear guide who operates south of here. He is looking for a replacement pistol for his Glock. The Glock lasted one season under the harsh conditions he put his pistols through. Doe sthis gun have a stainless slide or is it carbon steel?

    Take Care

    ps Another review that belongs on our site.

  2. Barbara Elliott January 6, 2019 at 11:12 am #

    Great article and one of your best videos. Thanks


  3. Scott February 15, 2019 at 8:51 am #

    Springfield contributions to anti-gunners in their state make it hard for me to consider any of their firearms. Rock River did the same.
    All Gun Owners should be aware!!!

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