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ArmaLite AR-10 Rifle

The AR-10’s History In A Nutshell

If you own an AR-10, you’d know what I mean when I say this: It’s INSANELY reliable and accurate — especially if you attach a scope to the AR-10. Now, you’re probably wondering: Who made the AR-10 rifle? How did it come to be?  It all started with the… Birth of NATO When NATO was […]

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Objective Lens

3 EASY Steps To Clean Your Rifle Scope Lenses

Today, I’m going to show you 3 EASY steps to clean your Rifles Scope lenses. If you want to eliminate: Fingerprint smudges. Specks of mud.  Dust prints. Pollen. Then you’ll love the 3 actionable tips in this guide.  Let’s get to it… Why Should I Clean My Scope’s Lens? Because it’s a problem. (Or at […]

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