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2021 Colt Anaconda, bodacious big bore.

2021 Colt Anaconda. In 2017 Colt debuted the .38 Special Colt Cobra at Gunsite; this was Colt’s initial effort to wade back into double-action revolvers.  I remember talking to my friends at Colt and asking them about other double-action revolvers that were slated for reintroduction to the market. I was told the Cobra was engineered to […]

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One good reason to buy a Hi-Point C9

It is no secret I like Hi-Point firearms, and for good reason. My reviews Hi-Point 1095 TS 10mm carbine review  Hi-Point 995 TS carbine with RedBall magazine  Hi-Point 3895 .380 Carbine review  Hi-Point .45 JHP pistol and 4595 carbine review  My first Hi-Point review, the C9 and 995 TS carbine  so you can see I […]

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