Author: Roger Pettit

Disabled Marine with over 40 years of experience with firearms. I was disabled in the US Marine Corp in 1988 and attended Marietta College receiving a B.S. in Industrial Engineering (Cum Laude). I then attended Ohio University working towards a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science with a specialty in Environmental Engineering. I have worked for BATTELE, FEMA, NC SERT, NC CC&PS, NIOSH, Ohio EPA, & US EPA. I quickly became bored working in the engineering and financial sectors and started seeking employment in the security sector. I have been employed as a Fugitive Recovery Agent, Contractor and in the executive protection industry. There was an unsuccessful operation at the Durham Veterans Hospital in which I could no longer meet the demands of rigorous physical activity which led me to become a civilian instructor. I have received a number of high marksmanship awards both in and out of the service and have shot competitively most of my life. I am a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NC DOJ CCH Instructor, Range Safety Officer (RSO), Metallic Reloading Instructor, and NRA Recruiter. I have had to use force-on-force in my lifetime and this real-world experience allows me to help my students prepare our students for both the intended and unattended consequences of utilizing deadly force. Over the years, I have taken a large number of people that have NEVER picked up a gun, and in the course of just a few hours, given them the skills and confidence to be well on their way to becoming proficient in the use of that firearm. I have two daughters and have learned that one can never have enough patience and nothing can be taken for granted. Our classes are taught in a comfortable classroom that is conducive to learning and an enjoyable experience.