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WRAL, your liberal agenda is showing.

WRAL, your liberal agenda is showing. Here was the headline they were running in heavy rotation via television and social media. “WRAL Investigates, Owning high powered weapons possible without normal ATF oversights. Cullen Browder, pictured above. WRAL announced several days ago a three month investigation on how to legally obtain NFA regulated items without any […]

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IMR 4007SSC propellant recall

IMR Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR 4007SSC on the six lot numbers listed. IMR has gotten reports that this propellant in one and eight pound jugs may have become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration. Use of this product from these lot numbers shown on the enclosed label may result in […]

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Ruger LCP recall.

Ruger LCP recall. In 2008, Ruger received a small number of reports from the field indicating that LCP® pistols could discharge when dropped onto a hard surface with a round in the chamber. We are firmly committed to safety and would like to retrofit all older LCP® Pistols. The retrofit involves installation of an upgraded […]

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Taurus Curve recall

Taurus Curve recall A lot of the new Curve pistols left the factory without the caliber (.380 Auto) rollmarked. Taurus is requesting that these firearms are returned for proper marking. There are no quality or safety issues with these firearms and the marking error has been corrected. Link to website

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Para USA to discontinue handguns

Para USA to discontinue handguns I have gotten word and conformation that Para will no longer make pistols after the first quarter of 2015. Para was acquired by Freedom Group not long ago. If you currently own a Para they will honor the warranty. Their plan is to focus on one 1911 brand, and that […]

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