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Iver Johnson Owl Head revolver, justifying the inexpensive firearm

During one of my rare sojourns away from Castle Doghair, I was privileged to encounter an old First Model Iver Johnson Owl Head revolver in caliber .38 S&W that was still actually functional…which means that it wasn’t fired very much in the last hundred or so years. With wrought iron frames and low carbon steel […]

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M1911 Locked breech/Short Recoil basic function

M1911 Locked breech/Short Recoil basic function Caliber .45 Auto firing a 230 grain bullet at 830 fps: Bang! Assuming a condition of zero headspace, both bullet and slide start to accelerate at the same instant. The slide grabs the barrel upper lugs and hauls the barrel backward with it. At nominally 1/10th inch of rearward […]

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More on the 1911 magazine.

Since the subject of magazines comes up a lot… There is only one magazine design that presents the cartridge to the 1911’s chamber correctly and guarantees full controlled feed…as designed and intended. That would be the original or “GI” design that allows the rear of the cartridge to rise at close to the same angle […]

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Full Length Guide Rod and the 1911

Full Length Guide Rod and the 1911   A question came up about full length guide rods’ function is preventing spring “kink” or flexion.  This old fluroscope photograph of a 1911 caught at the instant of firing shows that it can’t happen with the original guide rod…with only 5 or 6 unsupported coils.  The spring’s […]

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