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Charter Arms Pitbull in .45 Auto

Revolvers chambered in auto loading cartridges is really nothing new, but the vast majority use moon clips to hold the rounds in place since auto loaded cartridges are not rimmed. The Pitbull uses tabs machined into the star ejector to catch the extractor groove. Now the cartridge still headspaces off the case mouth but the […]

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.44 Smith and Wesson Special ballistic test, updated

.44 Smith and Wesson Special ballistic test The .44 Smith and Wesson, based off the .44 Russian was introduced in 1907 for the Smith and Wesson New Century Revolver.  Truthfully the .44 Special was nothing special at it’s inception. With similar ballistics and accuracy of the .44 Russian using the then new smokeless propellant. It […]

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