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Liberty Suppressors Sovereign, .30 cal can on a diet.

Liberty Suppressors¬†introduces the Sovereign,¬†a small lightweight silencer rated up to and including the 300 Winchester Magnum. To save weight and cost the silencer body and baffle stack is made from titanium. The end cap that affixes to the rifle is stainless steel and the muzzle end cap is made from aluminum. The silencer does not […]

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BPM CQC 300 BLK pistol and AAC SR-7 silencer.

BPM CQC 300 BLK pistol and AAC SR-7 silencer. First, let’s address some terminology. The silencer was invented around 1902 and patened in March 1909 by an American inventor Hiram Percy Maxim, son of Hiram Stevens Maxim who invented the Maxim gun. Maxim called the invention the Maxim Silencer. As a side, note the muffler […]

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