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Harris Publication closing up shop.

Harris Publication closing up shop. Harris Publications is a large publishing company that was founded in NYC in 1979. The publisher puts out some seventy five magazines with a dozen or so firearms related. I learned earlier today of their closing and have read a few stories on the various reasons. Harris Publications cited the rise […]

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Loading the 1911 without magazine

Loading the 1911 without magazine Loading a 1911 with the slide open, dropping a round in the chamber and allowing the slide to slam shut? Extractor problems? There was a big debate so what is the answer. The 1911 wasn’t designed to chamber rounds that way, and it’s hard on extractors.  But, Browning wasn’t an […]

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Elite Tactical Systems Glock magazine.

Elite Tactical Systems Glock Magazine.  I had the opportunity to review the Elite Tactical Systems thirty one capacity aftermarket Glock magazine. I initially tried it in the American Tactical Imports Mil Sport 9mm AR carbine, which you can read that review by following this link.  After I was satisfied it was reliable in that platform […]

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Colorado Senate vote to lift magazine ban.

The Colorado Senate voted and passed 20-13 Senate Bill 113 Tuesday  April 12th. SB 113 will lift the fifteen round magazine limit for Colorado residents.  SB 113 must be voted on and approved by the Colorado House, then signed into law. e reason Magpul left and relocated to Colorado, but maybe now some of the politicians have regained a […]

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