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Leupold VX6 review

Leupold VX6 review A short time ago Leupold asked if I would be interested in using the VX6 and providing feedback on the scope to which I replied yes. Many know that I have been using the Leupold Prismatic for quite a while shooting in limited division (no magnification) and questioned if I could use […]

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Say No To Trigger Trash

Say No To Trigger Trash An Ethical Responsibility for Recreation Target Practice Throughout the west both the BLM and the United States Forest Service note that they do not have staff or money to manage the clean-ups. Both the BLM and the USFS believe in community outreach through public education and have invested in campaigns […]

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Making Good with Range Brass

Making Good with Range Brass I often hear from other shooters or competitors that they never pick up range brass because they have had too many issues.   Being a consumer of range brass with a number of lessons learned I’ve been asked by several friends to write down my routine.  Picking up someone else’s spent […]

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AN INTRODUCTION TO 3-GUN COMPETITION I have a couple quick questions before we dive into a conversation. Are you looking for something new, exciting, and challenging? Do you have a pistol, shotgun, and semi-auto rifle sitting in the safe or an interest in getting them? If you answered yes to these questions then you might […]

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