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2nd Admendment Friendly smartphone application

As responsible gun owners obeying the law is paramount. Sometimes that can be confusing especially when carrying a firearm into local businesses that may or may not allow legal carry.  For businesses that deem it appropriate to violate our freedoms and post no firearms signs, the law reads the signage must be conspicuous but there […]

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The Colt Delta Elite. You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.

For those looking for the review on the Colt Delta Gen II you can find it by following this link. The Gen II has replaced this Delta Elite in the Colt line up. There are things that are awesome, just by themselves… such as chocolate, peanut butter, the 10mm Auto, and a Colt Government Model. Do […]

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Barnes Precision CQB, 300 Blackout, something old and something new.

Supporting your local vendors is not a bad way to be. Barnes Precision Machine  is an Apex, North Carolina based manufacturer of quality AR 15s, parts, and accessories. It has been said the AR 15 is the erector set of the gun world. It can be set up, changed, accessorized, rethought, rebuilt, and put together […]

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Get the Lead in, Lyman .40 bullet mold

Your carry pistol should be an extension of yourself.  About the only way I know to gain proficiency with your sidearm is practice. Truthfully, practice is not really enough but perfect practice is really what you should go for. With all that perfect practice comes the expense of ammunition, the greatest cost in regular training […]

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Pocket Bottlerocket. the Diamondback .380 Auto

Pocket Bottlerocket. the Diamondback .380 Auto Anyone who knows anything about defending themselves with a handgun will tell you that it is not the ideal tool as far as stopping power. A handgun is a compromise between stopping power, reliability and size. With the first two being arguably the most important. You would be better […]

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