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Don’t forget the fundamentals.

I was teaching a pistol class the other night and we were going over flash sight picture, double taps, target transition, and some more intermediate skills and drills. It was a great class and we all learned a lot. The thing about instructing a class, if you listen to your students, you as well can […]

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An afternoon with Chris Tilley

An afternoon with Chris Tilley Perfect Practice makes perfect, and to source that prefect practice you need training. Now there are a plethora of firearms instructors and many are well qualified, and some…well not so much.  There are all levels of training from basic to very advanced, You should always train to or above your […]

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AN INTRODUCTION TO 3-GUN COMPETITION I have a couple quick questions before we dive into a conversation. Are you looking for something new, exciting, and challenging? Do you have a pistol, shotgun, and semi-auto rifle sitting in the safe or an interest in getting them? If you answered yes to these questions then you might […]

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