Go extra light, with the 2A Armament Titanium Gas Bloc

So, in one of the DMR builds that I did, I used a special gas block, sent over to me by Justin at 2A Armament, and well, if I could marry a gas block I would. Let’s talk about the 2A titanium lo profile gas block.

When I got the Odin works DMR barrel, which is stainless steel, I did not want to just put a black gas block on it, and call it a day, and when I saw the titanium gas block from 2A, I knew I had to give it a try. So, when I go the gas block in the box of other goodies sent by Justin, I thought package for the gas block was empty, and they forgot to include the gas block. Well I was wrong, and to my surprise, just by holding it, it felt about the same weight as the rifle length gas tube that I was putting it on. The finish of the gas block was a satin smooth finish that was just right to contrast the stainless barrel. This gas block has the 2 set screws on the bottom that were a breeze to lock into the Odin barrel, as well as the Faxon barrel I am currently testing.

So, when I did my rapid fire tests, I was expecting to see a lot of carbon build up on the gas tube, and around the area that the gas block and barrel meet. I was dead wrong, even after 2000 rounds, it still looked brand new, and still does to this day.

I would love to buy up about 10 of these gas blocks, but at $75 each, I will have to do so one at a time. To me, if you are doing a light weight build, the 2A light weight receivers and titanium gas block are a requirement, and while you are at it, might as well add in the titanium take down pins. There is just something about titanium that I am now addicted too…….Thanks Justin, now I have to do more overtime!


feature image courtesy of 2A Armament

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