Dan Wesson ECP, well executed carry gun.

It was several months I began testing the Dan Wesson ECP. My test sample was in 9mm Luger but it is also available in .45 Automatic. Between myself and a bunch of friends, we managed to get about 500 rounds downrange of various types without an issue.

First Impressions 

As you will notice this is a small pistol designed with every day concealed carry in mind. With a four inch barrel and bobtailed mainspring housing.


The receiver is full size with the capacity of the 9mm at 9+1. The capacity of the .45 Auto is 8+1.

Serrated windage adjustable U notch rear sight. The serrations prevent glare on the rear face of the sight.


Brass bead front sight contrasts well against the rear sight, allowing for easier sight alignment and sight picture.

Serrated extended thumb safety, skeletonized speed hammer, deep beavertail grip safety with a palm swell. The deep beavertail allows for a secure grip on the grip safety and the palm swell is a bit of added insurance the grip safety is disengaged.

Take note of the ramped four inch match grade bull barrel. While I prefer the traditional barrel bushing, in smaller guns a bull barrel is necessary for clearance during the slide reciprocating.  The overtravel adjustable trigger broke at four and three quarters pounds with just a touch of take up and little overtravel.

The spine of the slide is also serrated to prevent glare. You can see the set screw on the rear sight here that can be loosened and the rear sight drifted.

3 rounds from a rest at 25 yards

After some 500 rounds downrange the detail strip showed no signs of abnormal wear. While 500 rounds is not an awful lot of something was ill fit or flawed it would have shown up.

Range Time 


The Dan Wesson Enhanced Commander Pistol is a fine little pistol that was purposely designed as a reliable and accurate carry pistol. While it fills that role well I could see this serving a few other roles such as local matches and plinking. This little pistol is a lot of fun to shoot and carries well. Throughout the myriad of ammunition, we tested there were no problems or malfunctions. I find this pretty typical for Dan Wesson handguns. While they tend to be a bit expensive you are entering into the semi custom 1911 territory. With nice sights, a great trigger, all steel small parts, and well fit those features do not come cheap. With concealed carry becoming more and more popular I am thankful manufactures are dedicating resources to develop fine little pistols that fit that need.  I am completely satisfied with the ECP and how it performed. It was not that long ago I reviewed the Dan Wesson TCP.  Many have asked me which one I prefer, to be totally honest while I liked the TCP I do like the ECP a little better. I asked many of the folks who shot both pistols and most agreeded but a few preferred the TCP. That my friends is why it is good to have options.


Model: ECP 9mm
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 9
Receiver Material: Forged Aluminum
Slide Finish: Duty Finish
Grips: G10
Overall Length: 7.64 in
Height: 5.4 in
Width: 1.25 in
Weight: 29 oz
Trigger Mech: Single Action
Front Sight: Brass front
Rear Sight: U Notch
Safety: Manual thumb safety, grip safety
MSRP: $1,575


Dan Wesson

Defender Ammunition 


Sig Sauer Ammunition 

Josh at Spotter Up. 


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4 Responses to Dan Wesson ECP, well executed carry gun.

  1. John June 4, 2019 at 8:46 am #

    Good review. Looks like a real nice gun. BUT— almost $1600 for a 9mm?

    As you know, a lot of really nice options for half the price.

  2. Sean July 1, 2019 at 4:51 pm #

    Love Hunter Elliott’s Dan Wesson reviews! I have an ECP in .45acp and absolutely love it! Keep the DW reviews coming Hunter!

    • Hunter Elliott July 1, 2019 at 4:57 pm #

      Thank you very much Sean. I truly appreciate your support.

      • Sean July 2, 2019 at 10:05 am #

        My pleasure. Semper Fi!

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