Mec-Gar 17 round magazine for CZ 75B

Anytime you can add a bit of capacity to your handgun without having to sacrifice anything; it is worth doing. Mec-Gar has introduced a seventeen round flush fit magazine for the CZ 75B. It was about a month ago I received two samples in the mail for review. Since I still had the CZ 75 B Omega I reviewed about four years ago I was all set. You can read the pistol review by following this link. 

Since the 75 B Omega has been 100% reliable through the review and ever since I knew I was working with a known quality, so I had an excellent host to wring out the Mec-Gar magazines. We started out running the magazine dry from capacity quite a few times then intermingling defensive and ball rounds within the magazine from capacity. Once that proved reliable I began to run the magazine empty less than capacity from sixteen rounds, ten rounds, five rounds, three rounds, then one round. I also intermixed ball and defensive rounds in that test. Throughout the review, the magazines worked flawless locking the slide back when the mag was dry, as did the 75 B Omega. As the magazine begins to run dry, and spring tension lessens, there lies your best chance for a malfunction.


The Royal Blue follower and 17 round witness hole makes this magazine easily identifiable over the factory 16 round magazine.

After a couple hundred rounds through the two test samples without failure, I was plenty satisfied these Mec-Gar magazines were up to the standard of the other Mec-Gar magazines I have worked with. If you have one of the CZ 75 B variants, you would be well served by these seventeen round flush fit magazines and if you do not have one of the 75 B variants, you would be well served by that pistol.  Oh, and for the record after a couple thousand more rounds through the test pistol, she is still running without a problem.


  • Caliber 9 mm
  • Capacity 17 Rounds, Flush Fit
  • Increased capacity to 17-rounds while remaining flush-fit
  • Redesigned tube to improve functionality, heat-treated for strength
  • Anti-Friction Coating allows for easy loading and superior anti-corrosion
  • High tensile music wire spring
  • Polymer follower
  • Interlinked internal components



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  1. Barbara Elliott April 24, 2018 at 10:51 am #

    Enjoyed the review and the video. Keep it up, Hunter.



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