So, if you are anyone who knows anything about AR15s, then you have probably heard of Primary Weapons Systems or PWS. They are known for making some of the best comps, and long stroke piston rifles on the market. Well, seeing as I have always been a gas guy, I wanted to try out the PWS MK112 upper, and see how much the piston made a difference on the rifle.

After speaking with PWS they sent over one of their gen 1 uppers (new ones have sense been released), and I bolted it to a friends PWS SBR lower, (yes he was present at all times). Now, at first when shooting it, I really didn’t notice anything that would justify the price to me. But when I shot my regular DI gas pistol, I noticed a world of difference. I found the recoil impulse to be very smooth and direct, like it meant business and went to work everytime it was fired. My DI gas pistol, well, it was like a 9-5 type employee going to work on a monday, just kinda sloppy, and well dirty. The Mk112 was like that intern that knew where he wanted to go, and was clean and on point at all times. It was truly a pleasure to shoot that upper.

Now, the fun part was the durability testing, and sadly all video of said testing was lost during a move, word of advice, do not drop a 1911 on your laptop. Will it shoot under water? yup. Will it shoot after being submerged in mud? Oh yea. Will it shoot every time you pull the trigger? No, you have to have ammo for that, but if you have ammo it will shoot till you run out. That is the beauty of the simple, but majestic long stroke piston system that PWS is known for. The only 2 issues I had were with the ammo that seems to vanish, and with the finish on the original rail, as the edges quickly wore down the finish to bare metal. However, Guns to me are tools, the more beauty marks the better, unless it is from not taking care of the gun.

Cleaning was as easy as making a sandwich, unless you are the type that like to cut off the crust, and do all fancy stuff on it. For cleaning, I used Breakthrough, because it is simple, gets the job done, without any weird smells. It only took a few minutes and it was back to almost new. The long stroke piston system is a huge help with cleaning, and i mean huge. All in all, just a few minutes and back to shooting, cant beat that.

In conclusion, the PWS long stroke piston uppers is one of the most simple, but high quality gun parts that I have ever used. Would I buy their uppers or rifles? Damn skippy I will, when I can afford to spend the coin for their products. Well worth the price tags. Go check them out!

By Jimmy Ogletree

Jimmy is a southern man, raised in a military family with over 24 years of firearms experience. He has worked in the security and Law Enforcement field for over 10 years, many of those years were spent in a car for 13 hours a night on patrol. He is also a former investigator for the Department of Defense. Jimmy is an NRA certified instructor, as well as a Florida Security Officer School Instructor.

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