SHOT show 2017

With the 2017 SHOT show in the rear view mirror I though I would share a few photographs of what I saw and some really cool stuff.

Click this link to go to the entire gallery, here are just some of the firearms I saw that were very interesting.



The Gilboa Snake, double barreled 5.56 rifle

New KSG that holds 25 shells of 12ga

Lengthened handguard for the CMR-30

On the left is the evolution of the  Kydex holster from Blade Tech


Some very high end 1911s by Republic Forge


Lone Wolf Signature Series complete pistol

New Lone Wolf barrel for S&W M&P

New Kahr CW 30 pistols

Desert Eagle “Lite” .357 Magnum

Magnum Research BFR Bisley grip

New Thompson in 9mm and new finishes

New silencers from Thompson Machine

New Ruger MK IV .22

Ruger Precision Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor


Ruger GP-100 .44 Special


Ruger Redhawk .357 Magnum

Hudson 9mm pistol, kind of a 1911/Glock hybrid

Lithgow Arms precision bolt action rifles, various calibers

ATI .410 AR-15 shotgun

ATI MP-40 pistol in 9mm

Liberty Suppressors Sovereign .30 silencer and  Goliath for .458 Socom

CZ Shadow II

CZ P10

New Inland .30 Carbines with period correct optics and flash hiders

Inland Liberator

new Inland rimfire silencer

SIG P 220 10mm Auto

Set of 4 Perazzi shotguns from 12ga to .410 going for $385,000

New JRC with updated Key-Mod handguards and finishes.

New Colts

new Colt Cobra

Dan Wesson Discretion

Stag Arms new SBR and ‘Safe” compliant models.

Stag AR-10




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