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American Derringer in 10mm Auto, a hideout with a bite

American Derringer in 10mm Auto, a hideout with a bite First, a little history. The term derringer is a misspelling of the last name of Henry Deringer due to Remington holding the trademark on Henry Derringer’s name. Henry Derringer was a 19th-century gunsmith that specialized in pocket guns. Originally Henry Deringer’s handgun was a single […]

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The Colt Delta Elite. You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.

For those looking for the review on the Colt Delta Gen II you can find it by following this link. The Gen II has replaced this Delta Elite in the Colt line up. There are things that are awesome, just by themselves… such as chocolate, peanut butter, the 10mm Auto, and a Colt Government Model. Do […]

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Get the Lead in, Lyman .40 bullet mold

Your carry pistol should be an extension of yourself.  About the only way I know to gain proficiency with your sidearm is practice. Truthfully, practice is not really enough but perfect practice is really what you should go for. With all that perfect practice comes the expense of ammunition, the greatest cost in regular training […]

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10mm Auto Ballistic Test with Hornady Ammo

You can see the updated ballistic test using many more rounds of 10mm Auto here Necessity is the mother of invention. We all have to compromise, it is the way of things. Many people have decided to carry a handgun in order to defend themselves (rightly so). For those of us who carry there are […]

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