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Advantages Nickel Boron/Nitro Met on BCG and barrel for AR rifle.

  Advantages and benefits of Ni B, nickel boron, and nitro met, salt bath nitride on AR bolt carrier group, barrel, and gas tube assemblies. This is an inexpensive modern technology process to protect the surface of alloy steel against wear as well as corrosion. The traditional manganese phosphate process on mil spec bolt carrier groups […]

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Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger  There are many ways to load your AR-15 magazines, from your thumbs to old school stripper clips, but Caldwell has something a bit different. The AR Mag Charger. This piece of equipment has provisions to transfer fifty rounds of 5.56/.223 into the body, either from store bought fifty round boxes, reloading […]

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Compilation of ballistic tests from rangehot

I get a lot of folks inquiring about the ballistic tests I have done so I thought it would be easy to link them all in one post. For each test Clear Ballistics gel was used. Specific details are contained in the reviews.  Velocity and performance were compared over several rounds fired, from about 25 […]

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M-16 cut away, inside of America’s favorite rifle.

M-16 cut away, inside America’s favorite rifle I have been exchanging emails with Mark from Arizona Response Systems, LLC  about the cut away of the M-2 Browning Machine Gun I featured a few months ago. You can see that article by following this link.  After a few emails back and forth he sent me some photos […]

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