Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

Caldwell AR-15 Mag ChargerĀ 

There are many ways to load your AR-15 magazines, from your thumbs to old school stripper clips, but Caldwell has something a bit different. The AR Mag Charger.

This piece of equipment has provisions to transfer fifty rounds of 5.56/.223 into the body, either from store bought fifty round boxes, reloading cases, or the supplied case block. It is as simple as turning the Mag Loader upside down, align the loader body with the ammunition, ease it down, and turn the Mag Loader and ammo over as a unit and let the rounds drop in.

Once the Mag Charger is full, an AR-15 magazine is locked into place very similar to locking a magazine into the mag well.

Once that is good to go, a the rounds are aligned with the feed lips and a plunger in pushed in loading five rounds, withdrawn and five more rounds are placed at the ready under spring pressure. With every push of the plunger five rounds are loaded, the plunger is drawn back to load the next five. Once your magazine is at capacity it can be swapped out for another and the remaining rounds loaded. If you run out of rounds in the Mag Charger before your magazine is at capacity, simply leave the magazine in place and load another fifty. It is worth mentioning that while flawless with 5.56×45 and .223 Remington, the Mag Charger does not work reliable with 300 AAC Blackout.


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  1. Barbara January 5, 2017 at 11:26 am #

    That is so neat could not imagine why you would not have one. Good article and great video. Enjoyed this one,


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