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It appears the BATF has reversed it’s opinion on shouldering a AR pistol brace.

SB Tactical has released a statement in it’s blog, that can be found by following this link, announcing The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives issued a reversal letter containing clarification of the BATF’s opinion on the use of AR pistol braces.  The letter contains, as copied from SB Tactical’s site ““an NFA firearm has […]

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Advantages Nickel Boron/Nitro Met on BCG and barrel for AR rifle.

  Advantages and benefits of Ni B, nickel boron, and nitro met, salt bath nitride on AR bolt carrier group, barrel, and gas tube assemblies. This is an inexpensive modern technology process to protect the surface of alloy steel against wear as well as corrosion. The traditional manganese phosphate process on mil spec bolt carrier groups […]

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Liberty Suppressors Sovereign, .30 cal can on a diet.

Liberty Suppressors introduces the Sovereign, a small lightweight silencer rated up to and including the 300 Winchester Magnum. To save weight and cost the silencer body and baffle stack is made from titanium. The end cap that affixes to the rifle is stainless steel and the muzzle end cap is made from aluminum. The silencer does not […]

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New Barnes Precision Machine rifle, MSRP $750

  Barnes Precision Machine   has introduced a new rifle, the Basic Patrolman’s Rifle, with the MSRP of $750. BPM has a solid reputation for building quality rifles, though at a price point that’s out of reach for some and with options some may not want to pay for. To address this, BPM has stripped off some […]

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