CZ Ti Reflex Silencer

Several months ago, the CZ Ti Reflex silencer showed up for review, and we put it to the test right away.  Note the ridges on the silencer where the body fits the welded titanium baffles. This increases surface area for cooling, similar to cooling fins on an air-cooled engine, and decreases weight

The reflex part indicates three inches of the silencer body behind the 1/2″x28 thread mount, which increases internal volume without increasing length. You will see the “Y” piece machined into the reflex part that directs a portion of gas back, siphoning off some from the original blast and increasing time in the can. This increases efficiency a great deal while providing more surface area for cooling.

All that makes for a pretty attractive setup that is full-auto rated and no barrel length restrictions. While it is always function over form, the reflex can fits nice on a standard AR barrel without so much silencer out front, as you can see here on this Barnes Precision Machine Patrolman’s Carbine.  In this configuration, the CZ Ti 5.56 silencer was by far the quietest silencer on a 5.56 I have tested to date.

If you do not have enough barrel for the reflex mount, it can easily be removed, and the included flush mount cap is installed with the included tool.  We used this set up on a BPM AR pistol, shown in the video. While it was noticeability louder without the reflex, the Ti Reflex 5.56 still did an excellent job suppressing the obnoxious report from a 7.5″ AR pistol.

Here you can see the first baffle after about 500 rounds of 5.56. Nearly half of those were fired from the 7.5″ pistol, and about sixty or so were fired full auto on a 16″ carbine.  We took the 16″ BPM AR-15 out to 100 yards and ran the rifle with and without the silencer; there was no change in accuracy or reliability. We did run some Double Tap subsonic .223, and it was Hollywood quiet but would not cycle the bolt, as expected.  Both end caps on the Ti 5.56 are replaceable.

The reflex silencer is not a new design, but I think CZ’s approach with the Ti Reflex is on point. Designing a reflex can where the reflex portion can be removed, and a flush mount added gives the can a great deal of versatility when going from rifle to rifle. The fact it is the quietest and one of the lightest silencers I have tested for the 5.56 platform leads me to believe it would be an excellent choice for a dedicated 5.56 defense rifle, especially if that defense rifle was an SBR or AR pistol.

The Ti line of silencers can also be had in 7.62 and .338.


Length 8.83″/5.6″

Weight 11.4 oz/8.7 oz

Diameter 1.63″

MSRP $1279



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