I’ve been on a bag quest, it started out with getting commissioned for an article dealing with CCW friendly backpacks for Athlon Outdoors. I’m currently working on another article for Athlon covering the latest greatest range bags. During the research for these two articles I inevitably end up at 5.11 Tactical.

During SHOT Show 2019 I got a media brief at the 5.11 booth. I was mainly scoping out bags for my other articles but I couldn’t help be intrigued by the LV (low vis) bags. I asked for my rep to send me both a LV10 and LV6 bag for review. I must admit, I didn’t exactly know what I was going to do with them at that moment, but they just called to me. They promptly provided me with the LV10, LV6, and LVM4 carbine bag. I’ve been playing with all the bags since receiving them and I think I’ve evaluated them enough to finally start writing about them.

This article is going to mainly cover the LV10 sling bag. You can find the bag here on 5.11’s website.

The LV10 is a 13L capacity sling bag. I had struggled with the best use case for me with this bag. It is technically large enough to hold my Apple Macbook ¬†and a pistol, but I don’t find myself carrying my laptop around much. When I do, I’m mainly traveling for work and I then opt for a 5.11 backpack instead.

It was during one of my safe gazing sessions that it hit me, I needed a great grab and go bag for my night vision equipment! I quickly started gathering up my gear and started playing with how it could fit in the LV10.

Up top is a nice padded zippered pocket, this is great to put scratch prone items like glasses or other optics.


Opening the main compartment under the glasses pocket here’s what you are greeted with. The inside of the flap has two zippered mesh pockets.

In the left pocket I store a Leupold LTO Quest HD thermal tracker. This tracker was a gift from my friends over at Black Hills Ammunition (THANKS GUYS!)

In the right mesh pocket I store a few extra AA batteries. I don’t need many in this pocket because my night vision cap uses a battery pouch as counterweight, so most of my extra batteries are there.


In the main compartment you’ll find my Crye Nightcap night vision mount/cap along with my PVS7 in a hard case.

The PVS7‘s aren’t the latest or greatest, but they fit my budget and work ok for my purposes.

Once empty, you can see the main compartment has laser cut molle sections, and velcro insides to attach pouches if desired.

Towards the body the main compartment also has a divided section to put something that you’d want separated from the main compartment.

Directly towards the body is the main CCW pouch. This is where you’d attach a holster. I’ve been using a CrossBreed velcro backed holster with success in this pouch. Between this compartment and the main compartment you’ll also see the heavy duty carry handle. There’s also a carry handle in the vertical position so you have three main ways to carry the bag; sling, portrait, or landscape.

Along the bottom edge of the bag there’s a snapped cylindrical sleeve to store stuff you want access to such as a water bottle. Under that there are also a couple cinch strap to attach items to the bottom of the bag. I have found this helpful for strapping a rain jacket below the bag.

The bag also has a cinch strap integrated on each short side to lower the profile of the bag if it’s storage space isn’t being used to max capacity.

On the outside of the main compartment there is yet another zippered pocket. This is handy for items you need access to more frequently without having to access the main compartment.

One of the features much appreciated is the padded back with mesh ventilation. I cannot stand getting a sweaty back from a bag not properly ventilating.


I’ve been really happy with the 5.11 Tactical LV10 bag in Tarmac. MSRP on the bag is $109.99, and is worth every penny.

The bag now sits in my safe with all my assisted vision equipment in it at the ready to throw over my shoulder and head outside!


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. You will not pay any more for going through my links. I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

By Zack Carlson

My name is Zack Carlson and firearms have been a hobby since I was a kid. I currently am employed by Lone Wolf Distributors as a Special Projects Manager, encompassing both Production Management and Marketing Management. I enjoy long range rifle shooting and custom pistols. Because of my employment with LWD, I will not write about Glock related product. I do not want there to be any suspicions of a conflict of interest.

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