Marlin 1895 Trapper .45-70 lever action freight train

It was a few months ago I began my review of the Marlin 1895 Trapper in .45-70. 

First Impressions 


High rise black front sight with a white highlight. This adds a bit of contrast for quick sight acquisition.

Adjustable from windage and elevation the rear Skinner rear sight, standard cross bolt safety, and spur extension on the hammer.

Large loop lever. The trigger pull was 5 1/2 pounds with take up and a bit of overtravel.

Glass beaded stainless steel construction with birch furniture finished with a tough black texturing.  Capacity is 5+1.

3 shot group at 100 yards from a rest with iron sights

Range Time


After about 200 various rounds downrange there were no malfunctions or misfeeds, as expected with a quality lever action rifle. While 200 rounds is not an enormous amount, we shot enough of warm .45-70 if there were an issue it would have shown up during the review. With such a vast selection of ammunition available, the .45-70 is quite versatile, and the Trapper handled it well.  There is enough of a variety you can tune your ammunition to your specific need, be it dangerous game hunting, guide gun, trail defense, and self defense. While the .45-70 may be big medicine for thin skinned critters or two legged predators, there are some quite powerful hollow points available that would be well suited for that job. If you were looking for a trail/hunting rifle that can do most anything and is easy to wield, then the 1895 Trapper is an excellent option. While not ideal for a home/cabin defense rifle, if it were your primary hunting rifle and stoked with the right cartridge, it could fill that need. The Skinner sights are a large peep style that allowed for fast target acquisition but still precise enough for functional groups at 100 yards.  Being all stainless and finished wood furniture, the Trapper will hold up well in inclement weather.


  • 45-70 Government.
  • 5+1 capacity
  • Wild West Guns-style big loop lever for easy cycling
  •  Skinner peep sight for fast, easy target acquisition
  • 16 1/2″ barrel
  • 1:20″ twist rate
  • 35″ long
  • 13 3/8” length of pull
  • 7 lbs. approximate weight
  • 5 1/2 pound trigger pull
  • MSRP $1214.64



DoubleTap Ammunition  

Defender Ammunition 


Josh from Spotter Up Tactical. 

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  1. RON May 28, 2019 at 7:21 am #


    • Hunter Elliott May 28, 2019 at 7:28 am #

      I mention MSRP in the video and under specs in the article.
      It helps to read the article and watch the video before trying to call me out.

      • Marek January 9, 2020 at 10:16 am #

        Is the barrel threaded like the Dark Series?


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