Get a grip with AlumaGrips, replacement grips for handguns

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Get a grip with AlumaGrips, replacement grips for handguns

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Replacing the stocks, or grips to some, on your pistol serves several purposes. First and foremost for me, some handguns come with stocks that maybe just don’t do it for you in keeping a solid purchase on your handgun. That is the utilitarian reason but there is also the aesthetic reason.  The stocks take up a great deal of real estate on a handgun and offer a easy way to add your own personal touch to your gun, making it a little different and a little more uniquely yours. Generally speaking stocks are relatively easy to swap out so it is a nice and inexpensive way to customize your pistol.

For me, looks are important, but I am more for function over form. I was talking to my friend at Alumagrips this past SHOT show and I was telling him about my new for real 10mm Auto loads for my Delta Elite and how after a few magazines in the summer it can get tough to hang onto. It was like a light went off over Chris’ head and he showed me a new product. It was not long after SHOT a set of these aggressive stocks were sent to me to try out on the Delta Elite.

I have worked with AlumaGrips in the past so I had an idea of the quality to expect.  I put the stocks on and the fit on nice and snug, almost snapping on the stock screw bushings , and then fastened down with the four stock screws.  The set I have to test are machined for an ambidextrous safety in case you need to accommodate such a safety.

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It was his machined AlumaGrips inlaid with a very rough deck tape. It is not bad enough to run your hand raw but plenty aggressive enough to really increase the purchase on the pistol. Many Government Models ship with rubber wrap around stocks and though they are very functional, people with small hands may have trouble with the large wrap around rubber stocks.

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Using standard two piece stocks does slim the grip area down on pistols over the wrap around style and you can see how well the AlumaGrips are machined to fit.

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Here is a short video of Allison and I running a few magazines through a Colt Delta Elite with the AlumaGrips.

As you should have gathered. I am fond of AlumaGrips and these particular stocks. I feel like they helped me with hanging onto the Delta Elite, especially when I shot some secret recipe 10mm Auto. If you are looking to improving your purchase or the looks of your handgun, it is worth checking into AlumaGrips and seeing what they have to offer.

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