NAA Mini Revolver TALO edition when you absolutely cannot print.

All handguns, to some degree, are a compromise, be it size for concealability, capacity, or caliber. Reliability and accuracy are paramount but there are other factors to take into account. Think of this mini revolver as the ultimate compromise for size but sacrificing capacity and caliber. If concealability is of the utmost importance, understanding the limitations, this little revolver is worth looking into.

The TALO edition is quite the upgrade with the real front night sight and over molded textured rubber grip. Being a rimfire this revolver was designed to be carried with the hammer indexed into notches machined between the chambers. With the firing pin indexed into the notch, it keeps the firing pin out of contact with the rimfire, and traps the cylinder from rotating until the hammer is cocked.

Accuracy is as expected, this is a five shot group shot offhand at twenty five feet.

This edition is available with a locking metal box and an extra .22 LR cylinder.

Range Time


The NAA mini revolver is less than ideal for a defensive handgun. Being a .22 Long Rifle five shot revolver it is lacking in ammunition power, capacity, and is slow to reload. That begs the question, why even consider owning one. Being the smallest revolver I am aware of it conceals very easily and weights just over four ounces, which opens the door for that consideration, if concealment is paramount. After almost 200 rounds downrange there were no issues with reliability and we all got the hang of running the mini revolver. Considering rat shot is also available in .22 LR and this single action mini revolver does not rely on cartridge energy such a shot could be incorporated in the cylinder if desired. Before all the hate mail flows about caliber wars and capacity keep in mind this may be a viable option for some people, that could serve well as a second or third handgun for those who desire such options. It is good to have options.


Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
Capacity: 5
Length: 4.5″
Height: 2.38″
Width: 0.88″
Weight: 4.8 oz.
Barrel Length: 1.63″
Sights: Half-moon Sight
Action: Single Action
Grips: Dimpled Rubber


TALO Distributors

North American Arms 

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2 Responses to NAA Mini Revolver TALO edition when you absolutely cannot print.

  1. John January 21, 2018 at 7:54 am #

    Very nice review. I own the pug model in 22wmr. I carry it on me far more often than any other firearm. Some people refer to it as a “get off me” gun, which I agree with. A lot more effective than the 45 you left at home!

  2. Lee March 26, 2018 at 12:28 am #

    Nice review. I own a one in 22 long rifle. Its a lot of fun at the range. I really like that I can slip into my watch pocket.

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