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Active Shooter Readiness and the Reality of an Active Shooter Kit

Frankie, owner of 37 PSR Gun Club, during a house clearing class. So, today, I am actually taking a step back, turning off my comedic side, and getting serious about this topic. In light of unfortunate recent events, such as active shooters, Paris, and the the California terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of […]

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Dan Wesson ECO, a match grade pistol for your pocket.

Dan Wesson ECO, a match grade pistol for your pocket. With the popularity of legal concealed carry growing exponentially , which is great by the way, finding the right sidearm to carry is about as important as training. By training, I do not mean just your concealed carry class, that is another article all together. […]

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Charter Arms Bulldog, guard dog in your pocket.

Charter Arms Bulldog. 44 Special revolver, a guard dog in your pocket. With all the new fangled miniature auto loaders for concealed carry available today  it is tough to beat a snub nose revolver chambered in a cartridge that is loaded with a big heavy slow bullet. Short barreled revolvers suffer from velocity loss more […]

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