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From Fear to Fierce – KC

I have been working with KC for a little while now on her firearm proficiency, and she has made great strides in her gun handling skills. After getting to know her and her husband Brad, both of which you have helped me with several reviews, I learned she used to not care for firearms. After […]

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Don’t be a soft target

Don’t be a soft target Unfortunately the world has plenty of evil people and I am sad to say, I doubt that is going to change. What I am getting at is, evil people target people to harm or kill them for whatever reason their twisted mind can concoct.¬†¬†Another sad fact is these evil people […]

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Kel-Tec flashlights, a good fit.

Kel-Tec flashlights, a good fit. The 2015 NRA Show in Nashville Tennessee is where I was tasked with testing a couple of new flashlights from Kel-Tec. I have a CL-42 and CL-43 that have been pressed into daily service for about three months now. The Kel-Tec CL-42 is a lightweight, single-mode output, modular LED flashlight. […]

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