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NAA Mini Revolver TALO edition when you absolutely cannot print.

All handguns, to some degree, are a compromise, be it size for concealability, capacity, or caliber. Reliability and accuracy are paramount but there are other factors to take into account. Think of this mini revolver as the ultimate compromise for size but sacrificing capacity and caliber. If concealability is of the utmost importance, understanding the […]

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.32 Automatic ballistic test

The .32 Auto, also known as the 7.65mm Browning, was developed by none other than John Browning for the FN 1900 pistol introduced in 1899.  This was JMB’s first handgun cartridge and was designed for a blowback compact pistol design but has since been implemented in locked breech designed handguns. Many say the .32 Auto […]

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Kahr Arms CW 380 Tungsten gussied up pocket pistol.

Today concealed carry pistols are very popular and that benefits the consumer in several ways, giving us a plethora of options on a concealed carry platform. One that I have been eyeballing since it was introduced is the Kahr Arms CW 380 Tungsten. Now this pistol is the same as the CW 380 except the […]

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Ruger LC9s TALO edition, handful of pocket pistol.

Ruger LC9s  9mm Luger carry pistol, TALO edition. The concealed carry handgun market is pretty popular, and rightfully so. Though there are a plethora of small carry guns, the vast majority are in minor calibers. That is not as important now as it was a decade ago, due to advancements of bullet technology, and I […]

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Dan Wesson PM-C a new breed of carry pistol

Dan Wesson  has expanded the Pointman Nine, PM-9, series with the PM-C, which stands for the Pointman Carry. While the Pointman Nine is a Government Model size, the PM-C has a Commander sized slide and a OACP sized receiver. Losing just a bit of slide length and right much reliever size makes this pistol easier to […]

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Charter Arms Pitbull in .45 Auto

Revolvers chambered in auto loading cartridges is really nothing new, but the vast majority use moon clips to hold the rounds in place since auto loaded cartridges are not rimmed. The Pitbull uses tabs machined into the star ejector to catch the extractor groove. Now the cartridge still headspaces off the case mouth but the […]

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