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Colt Mustang XSP 380 Automatic

Colt Mustang XSP 380 Automatic Handguns, all handguns are a compromise. Between weight, size, capacity, caliber, and ease of use. Depending on what the primary use of the handgun is, will dictate the areas of compromise you concentrate on.  When choosing a dedicated concealed carry handgun, one that will be carried much more than shot, […]

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CZ P-09, pushing past what a duty pistol is.

CZ –P09, pushing past what a duty pistol is. Ceska Zbrojovka is a firearms manufacture from the Czech Republic started in 1936. The plant was formed during the rise of the Third Reich so Czechoslovakia would have the means for production of defensive weapons. In 1991 CZ entered into the free market and in 1997 […]

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1911 Troubleshooting: Feed Failures

1911 Troubleshooting: Feed Failures Fully 95% of all feed-related failures are can be traced straight back to the magazine. The remaining few causes are due to the extractor and/or the ammunition, with only about 1% attributable to the gun. We’re assuming that the gun hasn’t been “tuned” by Dremel Dan and his ugly, stupid first […]

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Rock Island Armory 9mm Luger TAC1911, affordable reliable and accurate.

Rock Island Armory 9mm Luger TAC1911, affordable reliable and accurate. I have been talking with Rock Island Armory since SHOT show about a test gun to review and have been in que for a test sample. I had mentioned this to a friend of mine, Brian Hehl, and he informed me he had just picked […]

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The Colt Delta Elite. You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.

For those looking for the review on the Colt Delta Gen II you can find it by following this link. The Gen II has replaced this Delta Elite in the Colt line up. There are things that are awesome, just by themselves… such as chocolate, peanut butter, the 10mm Auto, and a Colt Government Model. Do […]

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