Not satisfied with plain old mil-spec triggers? Neither am I. Working on a new AR-15 build called for something better, so I started  with a company I’d heard of before: Timney Triggers. After some research, I decided on a 3lb Timney Trigger. At about $200 (MSRP is $224 for the solid trigger or $264 for the skeletonized version; however, if you shop around, you can sometimes find them sub-$200), the price seemed right.

Like a kid at Christmas, I was excited to open my new trigger as soon as it arrived. And, as someone with a little extra padding in the midsection, I couldn’t help but to find a small pleasure in the little Tootsie Roll pop that shipped with it. Guess that’s just the big kid in me. While investigating how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop, I took a closer look at the trigger. My family has always followed the KISS [Keep It Simple, Stupid] mindset, so I found just what I was looking for in the 3lb Timney: simplicity.


Installation couldn’t be simpler. After I had removed the factory trigger in my AR-15 lower, I just dropped in the Timney’s modular firing group, popped in the trigger and hammer pins, fixed set screws into the trigger housing, and bam!—finished. If you need a little walk through on the procedure, this vid by YouTuber Sootch00 does a great job of explaining the procedure. One other step I took with my Timney Trigger is to use KNS antiwalk pins, rather than my lower’s factory pins; the KNS pins don’t have the same tendency to wiggle that my factory pins did.



After taking the Timney trigger for a test drive at the range, the improvement to performance was distinct. Compared to the mil-spec trigger that originally furnished my AR, the single stage 3lb Timeny trigger was lighter, crisper, and with a shorter pull. The reset surprised me. I found that the speed of my double taps and rapid fire increased noticeably. My precision shots improved, as well. The Timney’s clean, predictable break allowed me to hone in my shots better than the stock option the Timney trigger replaced.

Final Thoughts

The 3lb Timney trigger offers quality performance at a budget price. As a college student, I appreciate the affordability as much as the quality; it makes it easier to get the performance I’m looking for from my rifle with my somewhat limited means. The only thing that would have made this purchase from Timney better, is another Tootsie Roll pop.

Featured image courtesy of midwayusa.com

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