Bravo Concealment BCA concealed carry kydex holster.

It was a few months ago I received a Kydex holster from Bravo Concealment designed to fit the Dan Wesson Discretion, as reviewed here. While that may seem unnoteworthy it is quite tough to find a quality holster designed for concealed carry that will acclimate a full size 1911 style pistol with a rail, silencer sights, and a threaded barrel.

I have been informed the Bravo Concealment no longer makes left handed holsters. Word is they will again but no ETA on that.

After the review, I bought the Discretion from Dan Wesson and it quickly became one of my favorite pistols. Since I had trouble locating a suitable holster, the Discretion was confined to my safe.  I put the Brave Concealment holster into service right away and it served me well over the past several months.

The adjustable belt loops are large enough to accommodate an inch and a half wide belt.


Adjusting the belt loops is as simple as removing four Phillips head screws and situating the loops within the adjustment area.

The side that faces your body is extended side with an area relieved to protect the thumb safety.  The holster is made from 0.08″ Kydex giving it plenty of rigidity for ease of reholstering.

While I was experimenting with the holster I also learned it would hold a standard five inch 1911 style pistol equally securely. If you normally carry a standard 1911 but would like to options to carry one with a rail, tall sights, and a threaded barrel this rig would be an excellent option at $54. Bravo Concealment makes a plethora of Kydex holsters for all different makes and models of handguns.  If you are in the market for a nice Kydex holster it is worth taking a look at Bravo Concealment.



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