Hiperfire triggers, a new standard for AR15s

I spoke with Terry over at Hiperfire after seeing his triggers on midway usa, and wanted to know more about them since I have never seen a set up like his before. Terry gave me a call, and we spoke for about an hour, and he took the time to explain everything, from the way he designed the triggers, to why, and ill tell you know, this man is the Einstein of AR15 triggers. I expressed interest in doing an AR15 build for semi long range, maybe up to 500 yards, and wasn’t sure which trigger to go with, and well, Terry sent me all four triggers he makes, along with two hats, and I love hats and t shirts.


The install on these triggers is almost like installing a Milspec trigger, just with a couple added steps. Now, guys, I will tell you to read the instructions, I know it isn’t in the mans blood to read instructions, but seeing as these triggers are so very different from any others, read them. I found that the install was very simple, specially for someone who has a mechanical way of thinking, like me. The triggers each come with 3 sets of extra hammer springs, a silver, yellow and blue, and the silver is the lightest weight, yellow is middle, and blue is the heaviest. Go over to my friend Nate at NSZ85 and he has a wonderful install video. Each of these triggers solves a common problem with trigger jobs these days. The hiperfire triggers give you a light trigger pull, but with a hammer strike that sets off even the hardest military primers.


I went to the range when I got the triggers and, I tried each set of springs on each trigger group, and well, my fingers hurt by the end of the day from switching out the springs. I also let my SWAT friends in my neighboring county take the triggers for a spin, and abuse them, and well, they all want the triggers, specially the 24E. Each trigger has different features that make it unique, so let me take you through each one. Should note that each trigger group went through 2 thousand rounds, without cleaning, and took a bath in a swamp that is near me. All 4 passed with flying colors.


The 24 was a Milspec like feel, but much lighter, and the creep that it has was very smooth, no grit just smooth. The length of creep was almost identical to milspec, and the same with reset. The break was like glass, you knew when you were on the creep, then when it was at the predictable wall, and knew it would break at the same point every time. What surprised me was it felt the same weight of pull as my rock river 2 stage, but when measuring each set of springs, I didn’t go above 2 pounds, even with the blue springs. The lightest was just over 1.4 pounds. I guess the creep in the trigger made it seem like I was pulling a heavier trigger, but even with the 2 pound weight I loved it. As for my SWAT friends, two are going to get the 24 for their personal rifles.


The 24E was by far my favorite trigger, that I would use for a defense weapon. The creep and reset are half of the 24, but even smoother. The predictable wall, before the break seemed a bit tighter than 24, but a very crisp and purposeful break. The 24E is what I would chose for a SPR build, where I would be shooting at 400 plus yards, or even in a hunting rifle, where if I had to back off from the shot I had that pretravel to do so. As far as the measured pull weights, I had the same results as the 24.


Man, where do I begin with this trigger. The 24C is a straight trigger, and not curved like all of the other trigger from hiperfire. It also comes with a red plastic piece that slips over the trigger and is a touch pad for your finger so you have consistent finger placement. The pretravel and reset is almost nothing, and quite possible the most graceful trigger I have ever felt. My SWAT friends even agree, they would love to put this trigger in their own duty rifles if they were allowed to do so. The only down side to this trigger, is that you have to reload your mags more often than before. I was able to fire a full 30 round mag so fast that the range safety officer asked if I was shooting a select fire rifle. Once I handed it over to him, and gave him a loaded mag, it was the first time I ever saw him smile in over 15 years. I cannot say enough about this trigger, it will more than likely be on many of my builds in the future. Now, here is the surprise I had with the trigger, while shooting with the blue springs, I thought it was around a 2 pound pull weight, and upon breaking out the digital guage, it was at 3.5 pounds. I tried to figure out why it was heavier than the non competition triggers, but I couldn’t figure it out, but I was so pleased with the performance that I didn’t ponder long and got back shooting.


The 24-3G is the same as the 24C but with a curved trigger, and doesn’t come with a touch pad. Install was the same, shooting was the same, as well as perceived pull weight and actual pull weights. For me, I would get the 24C over 3G for the fact of the touch pad that comes with the 24C, but that is just me.


Now, let us talk about the price. For the amount of time that it must have taken Terry to design and test these triggers, I expected the prices to be a bit high. To my surprise the 24C was the most expensive at $235. For the price, you are getting an easy $400 dollar trigger, and well, might just be the best bang for the buck on the market. The fact that these triggers are adjustable makes that bang for the buck even bigger.


So what are you waiting for, go to Hiperfires website and order a trigger or two. Oh and if you need extra parts, Terry has them listed on his website as well, including a demo product that allows a store to demo the triggers

all photos courtesy of hiperfire

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