law of diminishing marginal returns

Edit, I misspoke. While you can still purchase a machine gun it had to be registered before May 19th, 1986  according to the NFA of 1934 and falls under all the NFA laws. That is the risk when doing a video unscripted I got my dates wrong.

I touched on a few points in this video and speak about the increase in crime in America in contrast to the increase in gun laws. While we are enjoying a steady decline in violent crime in the US since the 1990s there are many states with heavy gun laws that are seeing a drastic increase despite their best efforts to encroach on freedoms. Here is a link to the article I speak about citing the decrease in violent crime in the US.

Please watch the entire video and I wholeheartedly welcome comments and debate.

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  1. John Travis October 6, 2019 at 6:11 pm #

    Uh…no, my brother. You couldn’t walk into a hardware store in 1986 and buy a machine gun like buying a rifle or shotgun. That was stopped in 1934.

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