No Tool Detail Strip of the 1911

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During the US Army trials, the two competitors came down to the Colt 1911 and Savage 1907.
The Savage 1907 had several strong advocates on the Army Ordnance Board, citing the Colt’s size and weigh among other things. The question has also come up as to whether kickbacks were involved…and although never proven…it’s a logical conclusion given the lucrative contract that was on the table.

It’s common knowledge that the Colt bested the Savage in all categories, including accuracy, reliability, and longevity…the Savage suffering over 30 stoppages…some due to parts failures, while the Colt performed perfectly.

Still, there were holdouts. There were a few who insisted on backing the Savage entry, despite the Colt’s obvious superiority.

Then came time for the reps to demonstrate their respective weapon’s serviceability in the field. The Savage rep placed his pistol on the table, and unrolled an armorer’s tool set. John Browning himself decided to demonstrate the Colt He brought nothing in the way of tools…not even a punch.

Browning had the Colt disassembled and reassembled before the Savage rep could manage to get his pistol completely apart…and even the most die-hard Colt opponents were forced to concede.

Here is the no tool detail strip of the 1911.



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