PC shooting, colorful training that gets the point across

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PC shooting, colorful training that gets the point across

I was given the opportunity to sit in on a concealed carry class by Roger Pettit. Roger is a former Marine (Semper Fi)  that has seen his fair share of firearm training, firearm related occupations, and engagements. That along with his DOJ credentials makes for a well rounded instructor that has several avenues of training he can draw from to get his message across clearly.

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The first part of his class is eight hours in a classroom located in Cary Courtyard that goes through North Carolina law as well as a lot of great information from Roger.

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Not only does he go through the curriculum as required by NCDOJ but he also shares some great stories, advice, and suggestions.

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Roger doling out autoloader advice, believe it or not he knows what he is talking about.

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Once the classroom portion is over, tests taken, and graded the students qualify at the Wake County Holly Springs public range, a very nice facility. Roger has rented out the entire range so there are no distractions or safety issues.

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Roger also had three other instructors on hand to help keep the class safe and aid the students in qualifying. The class was split into relays to save time and allow more instructors per student. Those that qualified right off were able to get the certificate and move on. The students that needed a little help with qualifying were able to get one on one instruction before qualifying to make sure they were good to go.

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Roger has a pool of twelve instructors to draw from that all have backgrounds is firearm instruction. That was able to greatly help those that wanted a bit of extra instruction were able to get what was needed to get them comfortable and safe during live fire.

From all the students there were no failures and Roger allowed for a Q and A time related to the classroom, exam, live fire, or any other questions the students had.

All in all Roger’s class was well put together, easily followed, safe, and at times intense and amusing. I took my concealed carry class years ago and have sat in on several with students of mine that came to me to get prepared. So, I have been through several classes with a few instructors and I liked Roger’s class right much. I have already sent a few folks his way and they were also satisfied. He has a certain way to get his message across 5×5. Those who have taken his call will know exactly what I am talking about, those that do not it is worth the time to share in the experience.  PC Shooting also offers several other classes such as an After the Concealed Carry class that goes further to familiarize you with firearms and techniques and reloading classes, to get you stared in reloading your own ammunition.

For more information, please check the the PC Shooting web site by clicking this link and their facebook page by this link





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