SAMMI pressure specs

 HandgunPSI  RiflePSI  Rifle (Cont.)PSI
17 Rem52,000 cup22 Hornet25,000 CUP30-30 Winchester42,000
22 RF  Short


222 Remington50,000303 British49,000
22 RF Long & LR24,000222 Rem Mag50,000 cup307 Win52,000 cup
22WRF19,000223 Remington55,000300 Savage47,000


22-250 Remington65,000308 Winchester62,000
 25 Auto25,000220 Swift54,000 cup32 Win Special

32 S&W Long15,000223 WSSM65,00032 Rem37,000 cup
380 Auto 21,500243 Winchester60,00032-2016,000 cup
 9mm Luger35,0006mm Remington65,00032-4030,000 cup
9mm Luger +P38,5006 mm BR-REM52,000 cup300 Rem. Short Ultra Mag65,000
38 S&W14,500257 Roberts +P58,000300 WSM65,000
38 Auto26,50025-06 Remington63,00030-06 Springfield60,000
38 Special17,000260 Remington60,000300 H & HNo PSI Std.
 38 Special +P18,5006.5 x 55 Swede45,000300 Win Magnum64,000
 38 Super Auto +P36,5006.5 x 284No PSI Std.300 Weatherby Magnum65,000
357 Sig40,000264 Win Magnum64,000300 Rem. Ultra Magnum


357 Magnum35,000270 WSM65,0008mm Mauser35,000
 357 Remington Max40,000270 Winchester65,0008mm Rem. Magnum65,000
 40 S&W35,0007mm BR52,000 CUP32 Win Special42,000
10mm Auto37,5007 x 30 Waters45,000338 Win Magnum64,000
41 AE35,0007mm – 08 Remington61,000348 Win40,000 cup
41 Remington Mag35,000284 Winchester56,000338 Rem. Ultra Magnum65,000
44 Special15,5007.62×3945,000338 LapuaNo PSI Std.
44 Remington Mag36,0007mm Mauser51,000375 H & H62,000
45 Auto21,0007mm WSM65,00038-40 Win14,000 cup
45 Auto + P23,000280 Remington60,00038-55 Win30,000 cup
45 Long Colt14,0007mm Remington Mag61,000375 Rem. Ultra Magnum65,000
45 Win Mag40,0007mm Weatherby Mag65,000416 Rem. Magnum65,000
454 Casull65,0007mm STW65,000444 Marlin42,000
480 Ruger48,0007mm Rem. Ultra Mag65,00045-70 Government28,000
50 AE36,00030 Carbine40,000458 Win Mag53,000 CUP
7.62 x 3945,000470 NE35,000 cup
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One Response to SAMMI pressure specs

  1. Outpost75 February 13, 2020 at 1:29 pm #

    The SAAMI MAP is not the machine “loading limit” . SAAMI states:

    “Cartridge Pressure measurements are subject to statistical variation. The average of several successive tests, e.g., 10 rounds drawn from an essentially homogenous quantity of ammunition [meaning the same load with the same lot number of each component] will usually differ, but will in general lie within certain limiting values both above and below the lot mean value that would be observed if all rounds from the lot from which the samples were drawn was to be tested.”

    The SAAMI MAP (Maximum Average Pressure) is simply the “recommended maximum sample average pressure level for loading commercial sporting ammunition.”

    The MPSM (Maximum Probable Sample Mean) is the maximum expected average of any sample of the lot. That figure is based on 3 standard errors above the MAP.

    In testing handloads 10 shot samples have been found adequate when verified with subsequent sample testing. The bullet and powder manufacturers which publish loading data measure with 10 shot samples and “verify” each load with 3 additional 10 shot samples such that the maximum sample average plus 3 standard deviations does not exceed the SAAMI MAP.

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